Interface ProfileInjector

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public interface ProfileInjector

Handles profile injection into the model.

Benjamin Bentmann

Method Summary
 void injectProfile(Model model, Profile profile, ModelBuildingRequest request, ModelProblemCollector problems)
          Merges values from the specified profile into the given model.

Method Detail


void injectProfile(Model model,
                   Profile profile,
                   ModelBuildingRequest request,
                   ModelProblemCollector problems)
Merges values from the specified profile into the given model. Implementations are expected to keep the profile and model completely decoupled by injecting deep copies rather than the original objects from the profile.

model - The model into which to merge the values defined by the profile, must not be null.
profile - The (read-only) profile whose values should be injected, may be null.
request - The model building request that holds further settings, must not be null.
problems - The container used to collect problems that were encountered, must not be null.

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