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Packages that use PluginContainer
org.apache.maven.model Maven POM (Project Object Model) classes, generated from maven.mdo model. 
org.apache.maven.model.merge POM merger. 

Uses of PluginContainer in org.apache.maven.model

Subclasses of PluginContainer in org.apache.maven.model
 class Build
          The <build> element contains informations required to build the project.
 class BuildBase
          Generic informations for a build.
 class PluginConfiguration
          Contains the plugins management informations for the project.
 class PluginManagement
          Section for management of default plugin information for use in a group of POMs.

Methods in org.apache.maven.model that return PluginContainer
 PluginContainer PluginContainer.clone()
          Method clone.

Uses of PluginContainer in org.apache.maven.model.merge

Methods in org.apache.maven.model.merge with parameters of type PluginContainer
protected  void ModelMerger.mergePluginContainer_Plugins(PluginContainer target, PluginContainer source, boolean sourceDominant, Map<Object,Object> context)
protected  void ModelMerger.mergePluginContainer(PluginContainer target, PluginContainer source, boolean sourceDominant, Map<Object,Object> context)

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