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Packages that use ReportSet
org.apache.maven.model Maven POM (Project Object Model) classes, generated from maven.mdo model. 
org.apache.maven.model.merge POM merger. 

Uses of ReportSet in org.apache.maven.model

Methods in org.apache.maven.model that return ReportSet
 ReportSet ReportSet.clone()
          Method clone.

Methods in org.apache.maven.model that return types with arguments of type ReportSet
 List<ReportSet> ReportPlugin.getReportSets()
          Method getReportSets.
 Map<String,ReportSet> ReportPlugin.getReportSetsAsMap()

Methods in org.apache.maven.model with parameters of type ReportSet
 void ReportPlugin.addReportSet(ReportSet reportSet)
          Method addReportSet.
 void ReportPlugin.removeReportSet(ReportSet reportSet)
          Method removeReportSet.

Method parameters in org.apache.maven.model with type arguments of type ReportSet
 void ReportPlugin.setReportSets(List<ReportSet> reportSets)
          Set multiple specifications of a set of reports, each having (possibly) different configuration.

Uses of ReportSet in org.apache.maven.model.merge

Methods in org.apache.maven.model.merge with parameters of type ReportSet
protected  Object ModelMerger.getReportSetKey(ReportSet reportSet)
protected  void ModelMerger.mergeReportSet_Id(ReportSet target, ReportSet source, boolean sourceDominant, Map<Object,Object> context)
protected  void ModelMerger.mergeReportSet_Reports(ReportSet target, ReportSet source, boolean sourceDominant, Map<Object,Object> context)
protected  void ModelMerger.mergeReportSet(ReportSet target, ReportSet source, boolean sourceDominant, Map<Object,Object> context)

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