Tag List Report

The following document contains the listing of user tags found in the code. Below is the summary of the occurrences per tag.

Tag Class Total number of occurrences Tag strings used by tag class
@todo 2 @todo

Each tag is detailed below:


Number of occurrences found in the code: 2

org.apache.maven.plugin.descriptor.MojoDescriptor Line
is there a need for the delegation of MavenMojoDescriptor to this? Why not just extend ComponentDescriptor here? 39
org.apache.maven.plugin.descriptor.PluginDescriptor Line
move to plugin-tools-api as a default only 179


Number of occurrences found in the code: 4

org.apache.maven.plugin.Mojo Line
not sure about this here, and may want a getLog on here as well/instead 61
org.apache.maven.plugin.descriptor.PluginDescriptor Line
could we use a map? Maybe if the parent did that for components too, as this is too vulnerable to changes above not being propagated to the map 290
org.apache.maven.plugin.descriptor.PluginDescriptorBuilder Line
this should not need to be handed off... 314
org.apache.maven.plugin.logging.SystemStreamLog Line
Not sure how best to set these for this implementation... 144