Interface ModelSource2

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ModelSource, Source
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public interface ModelSource2 extends ModelSource
Provides access to the contents of a POM independently of the backing store (e.g. file system, database, memory).

Unlike ModelSource, this interface supports loading of parent POM(s) from the same backing store and allows construction of MavenProject instances without the need to have parent POM(s) available from local or remote repositories.

ModelSource2 instances are cached in ModelBuildingRequest.getModelCache(). Implementations must guarantee that the connection to the backing store remains active until request's ModelCache is discarded or flushed.

  • Method Details

    • getRelatedSource

      ModelSource2 getRelatedSource(String relPath)
      Returns model source identified by a path relative to this model source POM. Implementation MUST be able to accept relPath parameter values that
      • use either / or \ file path separator
      • have .. parent directory references
      • point either at file or directory, in the latter case POM file name 'pom.xml' needs to be used by the requested model source.
      relPath - is the path of the requested model source relative to this model source POM.
      related model source or null if no such model source.
    • getLocationURI

      URI getLocationURI()
      Returns location of the POM, never null.