Class DefaultProfileSelector

All Implemented Interfaces:

@Named @Singleton public class DefaultProfileSelector extends Object implements ProfileSelector
Calculates the active profiles among a given collection of profiles.
Benjamin Bentmann
  • Constructor Details

    • DefaultProfileSelector

      public DefaultProfileSelector()
  • Method Details

    • addProfileActivator

      public DefaultProfileSelector addProfileActivator(ProfileActivator profileActivator)
    • getActiveProfiles

      public List<Profile> getActiveProfiles(Collection<Profile> profiles, ProfileActivationContext context, ModelProblemCollector problems)
      Description copied from interface: ProfileSelector
      Determines the profiles which are active in the specified activation context. Active profiles will eventually be injected into the model.
      Specified by:
      getActiveProfiles in interface ProfileSelector
      profiles - The profiles whose activation status should be determined, must not be null.
      context - The environmental context used to determine the activation status of a profile, must not be null.
      problems - The container used to collect problems that were encountered, must not be null.
      The profiles that have been activated, never null.