Class CumulativeScopeArtifactFilter

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public class CumulativeScopeArtifactFilter extends Object
Filter to only retain objects in the given scope or better. This implementation allows the accumulation of multiple scopes and their associated implied scopes, so that the user can filter apply a series of implication rules in a single step. This should be a more efficient implementation of multiple standard ScopeArtifactFilter instances ORed together.
  • Constructor Details

    • CumulativeScopeArtifactFilter

      public CumulativeScopeArtifactFilter(Collection<String> scopes)
      Create a new filter with the specified scopes and their implied scopes enabled.
      scopes - The scopes to enable, along with all implied scopes, may be null.
    • CumulativeScopeArtifactFilter

      public CumulativeScopeArtifactFilter(CumulativeScopeArtifactFilter... filters)
      Creates a new filter that combines the specified filters.
      filters - The filters to combine, may be null.
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