Interface ArtifactHandler

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public interface ArtifactHandler
An artifact handler contains information explaining how an artifact plugs into the Maven build:
  • Information needed to find the artifact file in a repository including extension and classifier
  • Information on how to use the artifact as a dependency: whether to add it to the classpath, whether to load its dependencies transitively
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    • getExtension

      String getExtension()
      Returns the file name extension of the artifact; e.g. "jar", "pom", "xml", etc.
      the file extension
    • getDirectory

      String getDirectory()
    • getClassifier

      String getClassifier()
      Returns the default classifier used if a different one is not set in pom.xml.
      the classifier
    • getPackaging

      String getPackaging()
    • isIncludesDependencies

      boolean isIncludesDependencies()
    • getLanguage

      String getLanguage()
    • isAddedToClasspath

      @Deprecated boolean isAddedToClasspath()
      A value of true does not mean that the dependency should be placed on the classpath. See JavaPathType instead for better analysis.
      Specifies if the artifact contains java classes and can be added to the classpath. Whether the artifact should be added to the classpath depends on other dependency properties.
      if the artifact can be added to the class path