Class Settings

All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Cloneable

@Generated public class Settings extends TrackableBase implements Serializable, Cloneable
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  • Constructor Details

    • Settings

      public Settings()
    • Settings

      public Settings(Settings delegate)
    • Settings

      public Settings(Settings delegate, BaseObject parent)
  • Method Details

    • clone

      public Settings clone()
      clone in class TrackableBase
    • getDelegate

      public Settings getDelegate()
      getDelegate in class TrackableBase
    • equals

      public boolean equals(Object o)
      equals in class TrackableBase
    • hashCode

      public int hashCode()
      hashCode in class TrackableBase
    • getModelEncoding

      public String getModelEncoding()
    • getLocalRepository

      public String getLocalRepository()
    • setLocalRepository

      public void setLocalRepository(String localRepository)
    • isInteractiveMode

      public boolean isInteractiveMode()
    • setInteractiveMode

      public void setInteractiveMode(boolean interactiveMode)
    • isUsePluginRegistry

      public boolean isUsePluginRegistry()
    • setUsePluginRegistry

      public void setUsePluginRegistry(boolean usePluginRegistry)
    • isOffline

      public boolean isOffline()
    • setOffline

      public void setOffline(boolean offline)
    • getProxies

      @Nonnull public List<Proxy> getProxies()
    • setProxies

      public void setProxies(List<Proxy> proxies)
    • addProxy

      public void addProxy(Proxy proxy)
    • removeProxy

      public void removeProxy(Proxy proxy)
    • getServers

      @Nonnull public List<Server> getServers()
    • setServers

      public void setServers(List<Server> servers)
    • addServer

      public void addServer(Server server)
    • removeServer

      public void removeServer(Server server)
    • getMirrors

      @Nonnull public List<Mirror> getMirrors()
    • setMirrors

      public void setMirrors(List<Mirror> mirrors)
    • addMirror

      public void addMirror(Mirror mirror)
    • removeMirror

      public void removeMirror(Mirror mirror)
    • getRepositories

      @Nonnull public List<Repository> getRepositories()
    • setRepositories

      public void setRepositories(List<Repository> repositories)
    • addRepository

      public void addRepository(Repository repository)
    • removeRepository

      public void removeRepository(Repository repository)
    • getPluginRepositories

      @Nonnull public List<Repository> getPluginRepositories()
    • setPluginRepositories

      public void setPluginRepositories(List<Repository> pluginRepositories)
    • addPluginRepository

      public void addPluginRepository(Repository pluginRepository)
    • removePluginRepository

      public void removePluginRepository(Repository pluginRepository)
    • getProfiles

      @Nonnull public List<Profile> getProfiles()
    • setProfiles

      public void setProfiles(List<Profile> profiles)
    • addProfile

      public void addProfile(Profile profile)
    • removeProfile

      public void removeProfile(Profile profile)
    • getActiveProfiles

      @Nonnull public List<String> getActiveProfiles()
    • setActiveProfiles

      public void setActiveProfiles(List<String> activeProfiles)
    • addActiveProfile

      public void addActiveProfile(String activeProfile)
    • removeActiveProfile

      public void removeActiveProfile(String activeProfile)
    • getPluginGroups

      @Nonnull public List<String> getPluginGroups()
    • setPluginGroups

      public void setPluginGroups(List<String> pluginGroups)
    • addPluginGroup

      public void addPluginGroup(String pluginGroup)
    • removePluginGroup

      public void removePluginGroup(String pluginGroup)
    • replace

      protected boolean replace(Object oldDelegate, Object newDelegate)
      replace in class TrackableBase
    • settingsToApiV4

      public static List<Settings> settingsToApiV4(List<Settings> list)
    • settingsToApiV3

      public static List<Settings> settingsToApiV3(List<Settings> list)
    • getInteractiveMode

      public Boolean getInteractiveMode()
    • flushActiveProxy

      public void flushActiveProxy()
      Reset the activeProxy field to null
    • getActiveProxy

      public Proxy getActiveProxy()
      the first active proxy
    • getServer

      public Server getServer(String serverId)
    • getMirrorOf

      @Deprecated public Mirror getMirrorOf(String repositoryId)
    • flushProfileMap

      public void flushProfileMap()
      Reset the profileMap field to null
    • getProfilesAsMap

      public Map<String,Profile> getProfilesAsMap()
      a Map of profiles field with Profile#getId() as key
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