Class TrustedToProvidedChecksumsSourceAdapter

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@Singleton @Named("trusted2provided") public final class TrustedToProvidedChecksumsSourceAdapter extends Object implements ProvidedChecksumsSource
Adapter that adapts TrustedChecksumsSource to ProvidedChecksumsSource used by connector. Hence, any "trusted" source exist that is enabled, automatically becomes "provided" source as well.
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    • getProvidedArtifactChecksums

      Description copied from interface: ProvidedChecksumsSource
      May return the provided checksums (for given artifact transfer) from source other than remote repository, or null if it have no checksums available for given transfer. Provided checksums are "opt-in" for transfer, in a way IF they are available upfront, they will be enforced according to checksum policy in effect. Otherwise, provided checksum verification is completely left out.

      For enabled provided checksum source is completely acceptable to return null values, as that carries the meaning "nothing to add here", as there are no checksums to be provided upfront transfer. Semantically, this is equivalent to returning empty map, but signals the intent better.

      Specified by:
      getProvidedArtifactChecksums in interface ProvidedChecksumsSource
      session - The current session.
      transfer - The transfer that is about to be executed.
      repository - The remote repository connector is about to contact.
      checksumAlgorithmFactories - The checksum algorithms that are expected.
      Map of expected checksums, or null.