Interface TrustedChecksumsSource

All Known Implementing Classes:
SparseDirectoryTrustedChecksumsSource, SummaryFileTrustedChecksumsSource

public interface TrustedChecksumsSource
Component able to provide (trusted) checksums for artifacts.

Note: the "trusted" meaning depends solely on implementation and the user using it. Resolver itself does nothing for "trust" (like some crypto magic or what not). It all boils down that the source being used by implementation is "trusted" by user or not.

  • Method Details

    • getTrustedArtifactChecksums

      Map<String,String> getTrustedArtifactChecksums(RepositorySystemSession session, Artifact artifact, ArtifactRepository artifactRepository, List<ChecksumAlgorithmFactory> checksumAlgorithmFactories)
      May return the trusted checksums (for given artifact) from trusted source, or null if not enabled. Enabled trusted checksum source SHOULD return non-null (empty map) result, when it has no data for given artifact. Empty map means in this case "no information", but how that case is interpreted depends on consumer for trusted checksums.
      session - The repository system session, never null.
      artifact - The artifact we want checksums for, never null.
      artifactRepository - The origin repository: local, workspace, remote repository, never null.
      checksumAlgorithmFactories - The checksum algorithms that are expected, never null.
      Map of expected checksums, or null if not enabled.
    • getTrustedArtifactChecksumsWriter

      Some trusted checksums sources may implement this optional method: ability to write/add checksums to them. If source does not support this feature, method should return null.