Apache Maven Mapping

These classes originates from the file name mapping code in Maven WAR Plugin.

The goal is to provide a shared component for all plugins that need to do mapping.


This class ha a single method evaluateFileNameMapping that take an expression and an Artifact as parameters. It returns a String which is the result of interpolating the values from the Artifact object into the expression.

Here is a bit of code from the WAR Plugin showing how you can use it:

    protected String getFileName( Artifact artifact )
        if ( getOutputFileNameMapping() != null )
            // The user has specified a custom file name mapping expression
            return MappingUtils.evaluateFileNameMapping( getOutputFileNameMapping(), artifact );

        String classifier = artifact.getClassifier();
        if ( ( classifier != null ) && !( "".equals( classifier.trim() ) ) )
            // The artifact has a classifier - use the default expression for artifacts with classifier
            return MappingUtils.evaluateFileNameMapping( MappingUtils.DEFAULT_FILE_NAME_MAPPING_CLASSIFIER,
                                                         artifact );
            // The artifact does not have a classifier - use the default expression for artifacts
            return MappingUtils.evaluateFileNameMapping( MappingUtils.DEFAULT_FILE_NAME_MAPPING, artifact );

Have a look at the documentation for Maven WAR Plugin for some examples of expressions that can be used.


This is an implementation of the ValueSource interface, and can be used for interpolation. MappingUtils uses it internally. It adds these two tokens to an Interpolator:

  • dashClassifier
  • dashClassifier?

You can invoke it like this:

        Interpolator interpolator = StringSearchInterpolator());
        interpolator.addValueSource( new DashClassifierValueSource( artifact.getClassifier() ) );