Interface JarIdentificationExposer

All Known Implementing Classes:
EmbeddedMavenModelExposer, FilenameExposer, JarClassesExposer, ManifestExposer, RepositorySearchExposer, StaticMainOutputExposer, TextFileExposer, TimestampExposer

public interface JarIdentificationExposer

Expose information from a JAR during the identification process. Implementations should be made to be thread safe.

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Method Summary
 void expose(JarIdentification identification, JarAnalyzer jarAnalyzer)
          Expose metadata during the identification process.

Method Detail


void expose(JarIdentification identification,
            JarAnalyzer jarAnalyzer)
Expose metadata during the identification process.

identification - the identification record to populate with the exposed metadata
jarAnalyzer - the JAR to obtain the information from. Should be treated as read only, with the exception of caching the metadata if it would be identical when run over the same file again.

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