Class ListAddAction

  extended byorg.apache.maven.jelly.tags.maven.ListAddAction
All Implemented Interfaces:

class ListAddAction
extends java.lang.Object
implements Action

Simple action that adds the goal to a list when it is invoked

Constructor Summary
ListAddAction(Goal goal, java.util.List list)
Method Summary
 void performAction()
 void performAction(Session session)
          Perform the action required to satisfy the Goal.
 boolean requiresAction()
          Determine if this Action's performAction(org.apache.maven.werkz.Session) method should be invoked.
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Constructor Detail


public ListAddAction(Goal goal,
                     java.util.List list)
Method Detail


public boolean requiresAction()
Description copied from interface: Action
Determine if this Action's Action.performAction(org.apache.maven.werkz.Session) method should be invoked.

This method is called after this Goal's prerequisites have been completely satisfied, and immediately before the possibility of invoking performAction().

If this method returns true, then this Goal's performAction() will be called in order to satisfy this Goal. If this method returns false, then this Goal is considered satisfied without invoking the performAction() method.

This method is the location to implement intra-goal dependency-checking.

Specified by:
requiresAction in interface Action
true if this Goal's performAction() method should be immediately invoked, otherwise false.
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public void performAction(Session session)
                   throws java.lang.Exception
Description copied from interface: Action
Perform the action required to satisfy the Goal.

Once all prerequisites have been satisfied, the Goal's performAction() method may be invoked, depending on the return value of Action.requiresAction(), in order to satisfy this Goal.

Specified by:
performAction in interface Action
java.lang.Exception - if an errors occurs during execution.


public void performAction()
                   throws java.lang.Exception

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