Maven 1.1 API

org.apache.maven Core code used to execute Maven.
org.apache.maven.cli Code used to handle running Maven from a command line interface.
org.apache.maven.jelly Jelly utilities.
org.apache.maven.jelly.tags Shared code across the jelly taglibs provided by Maven.
org.apache.maven.jelly.tags.jeez This tag library groups together the ant and werkz tag libraries into one namespace.
org.apache.maven.jelly.tags.maven Various jelly tags provided by Maven to allow easier access its facilities.
org.apache.maven.jelly.tags.werkz Extensions to Werkz.
org.apache.maven.plugin Code to cache and manage plugin execution.
org.apache.maven.repository Repository and their held artifacts.
org.apache.maven.util Utility code.
org.apache.maven.verifier Code that verifies Maven configuration details.
org.apache.maven.werkz The werkz goal-oriented process framework.


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