Package org.apache.maven

Core code used to execute Maven.


Class Summary
AbstractMavenComponent Base class from which all components in maven are derived.
AntProjectBuilder A class to help create Ant projects
DependencyClasspathBuilder Take a valid MavenJellyContext which contains references to the POM, ant project, and all defined properties and create the dependency classpath based on dependencies listed in the POM.
MavenConstants MavenSession constants.
MavenSession This class should represent the single place to access everything that MavenSession provides and control any options provided by MavenSession.
MavenUtils Utilities for reading maven project descriptors, profile descriptors and workspace descriptors.

Exception Summary
GoalException A generic exception related to Maven and goal acquisition
MavenException The base class for all exceptions thrown by MavenSession.
UnknownGoalException Indicates an attempt to access an unknown werkz goal.

Package org.apache.maven Description

Core code used to execute Maven.

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