Package org.apache.maven.util

Utility code.


Class Summary
Base64 Encode/Decode Base-64.
BootstrapDownloadMeter Bootstrap download progress meter.
CaseInsensitiveGlobPatternMapper Implementation of FileNameMapper that does simple case insensitive wildcard pattern replacements.
ConsoleDownloadMeter Console download progress meter.
DVSLFormatter Formatting tool for use with the DVSL toolbox.
DVSLPathTool Path tool for use with the DVSL toolbox.
EnhancedStringTokenizer The java.util.StringTokenizer is horribly broken.
Expand Unzip a file.
HttpUtils Deprecated. please use Wagon instead
InsertionOrderedSet Set class that maintain insertion order (first wins).
MavenTool Context/pull tool for use in MavenSession templates.
MD5Sum Encode an MD5 digest into a String.
ResourceBean A helper bean to load the given URI from the current threads class loader or the class loader that was used to load this class.
StringInputStream Wraps a String as an InputStream.

Package org.apache.maven.util Description

Utility code.

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