Class DependencyVerifier

  extended byorg.apache.maven.AbstractMavenComponent
      extended byorg.apache.maven.verifier.DependencyVerifier

public class DependencyVerifier
extends AbstractMavenComponent

Make sure that everything that is required for the project to build successfully is present. We will start by looking at the dependencies and make sure they are all here before trying to compile.

Jason van Zyl, Vincent Massol
To Do:
Separate out the local settings verifier because this only needs to be run once a session, but is currently being run during project verification so this is a big waste in the reactor for example.

Constructor Summary
DependencyVerifier(Project project)
          Default ctor.
Method Summary
 void verify()
          Execute the verification process.
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Constructor Detail


public DependencyVerifier(Project project)
Default ctor.

project - the project to verify
Method Detail


public void verify()
            throws RepoConfigException,
Execute the verification process.

RepoConfigException - If an error occurs while verifying basic maven settings.
UnsatisfiedDependencyException - If there are unsatisfied dependencies.
ChecksumVerificationException - if the download checksum doesn't match the calculated

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