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Packages that use UnattainableGoalException
org.apache.maven.werkz The werkz goal-oriented process framework. 

Uses of UnattainableGoalException in org.apache.maven.werkz

Methods in org.apache.maven.werkz that throw UnattainableGoalException
(package private)  void Goal.attainPrecursors(Session session)
          Attempt to attain this Goal's precursor Goals.
(package private)  void Goal.percolatePostcursors(Session session)
          Attempt to attain this Goal's postcursor Goals.
 void Goal.attain(Session session)
          Attempt to attain this Goal.
 void Goal.percolate(Session session)
          Attempt to percolate this Goal through to its Postcursors.
 void WerkzProject.attainGoal(java.lang.String name, Session session)
          Attempt to attain the specified goal.
 void WerkzProject.percolateGoal(java.lang.String name, Session session)
          Attempt to percolate the specified goal.
 void WerkzProject.attainGoal(java.lang.String name)
          Attempt to attain the specified goal.
 void WerkzProject.percolateGoal(java.lang.String name)
          Attempt to percolate the specified goal.

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