Apache Maven 1.x has reached its end of life, and is no longer supported. For more information, see the announcement. Users are encouraged to migrate to the current version of Apache Maven.

Maven Announcement plugin

Generates release announcements. It takes information from the POM and from the changes.xml file and using a template generates release information.


Here is a sample announcement:

The maven team is pleased to announce the Maven Announcement plugin 1.1 


The Announcement plugin generates release announcements. It uses the 
information found in both the POM and in the changes.xml file to generate the 
announcement text. 

Changes in this version include:

  New Features:

o Added description information from the POM to the generated announcement to 
  explain what the project does. 
o Added information in the generated announcement to indicate from where the 
  plugin can be downloaded. 
o Added information in the generated announcement to indicate how to install 
  the plugin using the plugin:download goal. 
o Added more information when running the plugin. Also added a check to 
  verify if the announcement version matches an entry in the changes.xml 
  file. Fixes MPANNOUNCEMENT-2. Thanks to Fabrizio Giustina. 
o Several new additions that makes the plugin more generic: the team name is 
  now taken from pom.groupId, "[]" are removed from the first line, changes 
  are sorted by type, changes report issue number and due-to, the download 
  link is generated from pom.distributionDirectory and the "plugin has been 
  tested with..." line has been removed. Fixes MPANNOUNCEMENT-1. Thanks to 
  Fabrizio Giustina. 

  Fixed bugs:

o Add a space after the "." of the "Fixes xxx." (which happens when you use 
  the "issue" attribute in changes.xml). 


o Added maven.announcement.file property and echo'd it during generation  

To automatically install the plugin, type the following on a single line:

maven plugin:download 

For a manual installation, you can download the Maven Announcement plugin 


Have fun!
-The development team