Apache Maven 1.x has reached its end of life, and is no longer supported. For more information, see the announcement. Users are encouraged to migrate to the current version of Apache Maven.

Maven Ant Plugin Settings

These settings allow you to customize the ant script generated with this plugin.

Property name Description Available Optional? Default value
maven.ant.generate.script The filename to use. Defaults to "build.xml". This file is expected to be a filename relative to the "maven.ant.generate.dir" property given. since 1.10 Yes "build.xml"
maven.ant.generate.dir The directory where to generate the Ant script. Defaults to the current project's basedir. since 1.10 Yes ${basedir}
maven.ant.generate.force If the ant script file already exists the plugin ask you if you want to replace it. Setting this property to true, will force the plugin to overwrite this file without to ask the question. since 1.10 Yes false
maven.ant.excludeTests Holds a comma separated list of source file patterns that will be excluded in the generated Ant build, e.g.
since 1.2 Yes <empty>
maven.ant.compatibility Sets the compatibility for the generated script. Valid values are 1.5 or 1.6. With Ant >= 1.6 the user can define a user/password for proxy settings. since 1.2 Yes 1.6
maven.ant.use.properties The maven plugin for ant adds two lines at the top of the generated buildfile :
<property file="build.properties"/>
<property file="${user.home}/build.properties"/>
If you experience that your own properties are clashing with the ones used in the generated buildfile you can set this property to "false" to remove these 2 lines from the generated buildfile. Valid values are "true" or "false".
since 1.9 Yes true
maven.ant.use.multirepo Defines if you want to generate a script which will download dependencies from all your repositories. If false, the script will only download them from the first one (ibiblio by default). since 1.10 Yes true
maven.ant.execute.script The buildfile to use. Defaults to ${maven.ant.generate.script}. This file is expected to be a filename relative to the "maven.ant.execute.dir" property given. since 1.10 Yes ${maven.ant.generate.script}
maven.ant.execute.dir The directory to use as a basedir for the Ant project. Defaults to ${maven.ant.generate.dir}. This will override the basedir setting of the called project. since 1.10 Yes ${maven.ant.generate.dir}
maven.ant.execute.target The target of the Ant project that should be executed. Defaults to the project's default target. since 1.10 Yes <empty>
maven.ant.generatebuild.file !! REMOVED !! Sets the name of the ant buildfile to create. Use "maven.ant.generate.script" and "maven.ant.generate.dir" instead. since 1.0, removed in 1.10. Yes ${basedir}/build.xml

Backward compatibility

In the version 1.10 of the ant plugin we removed the usage of the property "maven.ant.generatebuild.file" to replace it by the properties "maven.ant.generate.dir" and "maven.ant.generate.script".

If you used this property (for example you had : maven.ant.generatebuild.file=myDir/myBuild.xml) and you want to have a build which work with all the versions of this plugin you can set your properties like this :