Apache Maven 1.x has reached its end of life, and is no longer supported. For more information, see the announcement. Users are encouraged to migrate to the current version of Apache Maven.

Release History

1.12 2007-05-07
1.11 2006-06-18
1.10 2005-12-03
1.9 2004-10-30
1.8 2004-08-14
1.7 2004-05-15
1.6 2004-03-10
1.5 2003-10-14
1.4 2003-09-29
1.3 Unknown
1.2 Unknown
1.1 2002-10-01
1.0 2002-08-17

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Release 1.12 - 2007-05-07

fix If maven.compile.target or maven.compile.source are empty, then use by default the version 1.4 for wtp and preferences aheritier
update Maven offline mode (-o or maven.mode.online=false) overrides maven.eclipse.src.download and maven.eclipse.javadoc.download aheritier
add Project preferences are now generated with the classpath (to define the java version for sources and target). aheritier
update WTP settings are now generated if maven.eclipse.wtp.enable=false. No more need to define natures, build commands. aheritier
add Add basic support (jar,war) for WTP 1.5 aheritier
fix WTP configuration : tld dependencies weren't deployed in ${maven.war.tld.dir} but in WEB-INF/lib aheritier
add New goal eclipse:multiclean aheritier
add New goal eclipse:multiproject aheritier
update Upgrade maven-model to version 3.0.2. Fixes MAVEN-1755. aheritier
update Updated FAQ with multiproject entries. Fixes MPECLIPSE-109. Thanks to Gilles Dodinet. snicoll
fix Fixed broken test cases. Fixes MPECLIPSE-119. snicoll
fix Download and attach javadoc archives to .classpath when no source archive is available. Fixes MPECLIPSE-123. Thanks to Nicolas De Loof. snicoll
update Update jelly dependency to match the ones in maven 1.1 core. ltheussl
fix Don't attach sourcepath in .classpath when file doesn't exist. Fixes MPECLIPSE-118. Thanks to Jon Christiansen. aheritier

Release 1.11 - 2006-06-18

fix Made output and testOutput directory configuration consistent. Fixes MPECLIPSE-111. snicoll
add Added new property maven.eclipse.project.name . Fixes MPECLIPSE-84. felipeal
add Now trying to download java sources archives from the remote repositories. Fixes MPECLIPSE-60. snicoll

Release 1.10 - 2005-12-03

fix Moved test classpath before main so test classpath resources override main ones carlos
fix eclipse:add-maven-repo doesn't update correct Eclipse property file for Eclipse 3.x Fixes MPECLIPSE-68. epugh
fix add-maven-repo fails if Eclipse hasn't been started yet. Property file needs to be created by the plugin. Fixes MPECLIPSE-67. epugh
fix Only create .classpath and javabuilder if sources are present Fixes MPECLIPSE-56. Thanks to Archimedes Trajano. epugh
fix Don't add duplicate java natures/builders if already specified using maven.eclipse.projectnatures and maven.eclipse.buildcommands Fixes MPECLIPSE-78. Thanks to Fabrizio Giustina. fgiust
fix Only add javanature if sources are present Fixes MPECLIPSE-63. Thanks to Fabrizio Giustina. fgiust
add Generates a .wtpmodules file for eclipse webtools (wtp 0.7 required) Fixes MPECLIPSE-80. Thanks to Fabrizio Giustina. fgiust
fix classpathentry contains trailing pipe character that confuses Eclipse 3.1 Fixes MPECLIPSE-96. Thanks to Fabrizio Giustina. fgiust
update Java source location now defaults to MAVEN_REPO${groupId}/java-sources/${artifactId}-${version}-sources.jar (standard location where source artifacts are deployed by the m2 source plugin in a legacy/m1 repository layout). The path ${groupId}/src/${artifactId}-${version}.${maven.eclipse.src.extension} is still supported for backward compatibility and it will be used only if a file already exists at that location. Thanks to Fabrizio Giustina. fgiust
fix Setting relative path value to "maven.eclipse.output.dir" generates wrong absolute classpath entry Fixes MPECLIPSE-92. Thanks to Yang Li. fgiust
fix Failing use cases for projects with just resources Fixes MPECLIPSE-72. Thanks to Kristopher Brown. fgiust
add Added eclipse:eclipse alias for the eclipse goal (match the maven 2 goal name) fgiust
fix maven.eclipse.conclasspath is ignored when junit test src is not present Fixes MPECLIPSE-62. fgiust

Release 1.9 - 2004-10-30

fix Add property maven.eclipse.resources.addtoclasspath to control whether to add pom.resources etc or not. Provide backwards compatiblity. Fixes MPECLIPSE-53. epugh
fix Set proper cactus.src.dir Fixes MPECLIPSE-52. felipeal
fix Fixed duplicated source entry issue. Fixes MPECLIPSE-51. felipeal
add add property maven.eclipse.addResources=false to prevent the build resources from breaking old Eclipse builds. epugh
add Allow includes/excludes in build resources to be used in the classpath generation. epugh
add Support for Eclipse-Plugin maven projects (or kind="con" classpath). Fixes MPECLIPSE-50. Thanks to Simon Ringuette. epugh
fix duplicate build path added if resouce directory is the same as java source dir. Fixes MPECLIPSE-49. Thanks to Fabrizio Giustina. epugh
fix Simple implementation of handling source artifacts. Fixes MPECLIPSE-48. Thanks to Fabrizio Giustina. epugh
fix Add resources directories and test resources directories to .classpath. Fixes MPECLIPSE-47. evenisse
fix Overriden jar that resides outside maven repo doesn't get resolved properly. Fixes MPECLIPSE-46. Thanks to Archimedes Trajano. epugh
fix Jar overrides are now properly supported. Fixes MPECLIPSE-38. epugh

Release 1.8 - 2004-08-14

fix Fixed a 'race condition' where Cactus dependency is added twice to .classpath. Fixes MPECLIPSE-37. Thanks to Felipe Leme. epugh
add Add eclipse:clean goal. Fixes MPECLIPSE-27. Thanks to Kristopher Brown. epugh
fix Fixed a 'race condition' where JUnit dependency is not added to .classpath. Fixes MPECLIPSE-36. Thanks to Felipe Leme. epugh
add Add maven.gen.src property that points to a directory whose subdirectories are included as separate source directories. epugh
add Set eclipse.dependency=false to explicity ignore dependencies in classpath generation Fixes MPECLIPSE-10. Thanks to Thierry Lack. epugh
fix Fix classpath generation when tests are not present Fixes MPECLIPSE-29. Thanks to Marc-Antoine Garrigue. evenisse
fix classpath includes must be relative directories Fixes MPECLIPSE-32. evenisse

Release 1.7 - 2004-05-15

update Document the eclipse.dependency property of the dependency element Fixes MPECLIPSE-23. Thanks to Miguel Griffa. dion
update Add maven.eclipse.buildcommands and maven.eclipse.projectnatures properties, docs and test cases Fixes MPECLIPSE-25. Thanks to Miguel Griffa. dion
update use assert taglib for testing dion
update Honour sourceModifications in classpath file Fixes MPECLIPSE-21. brett
fix used container for JRE classpath Fixes MPECLIPSE-22. dion

Release 1.6 - 2004-03-10

fix Fixed Cactus support (there were problems due to the move of the Cactus plugin outside of the Maven project). Fixes MPECLIPSE-15. vmassol
add Add support for having multiple other directories included in the classpath. epugh

Release 1.5 - 2003-10-14

fix Only classpath dependencies are generated dion

Release 1.4 - 2003-09-29

add Added support for referencing cactus tests in classpath. epugh
add Added support for Eclipse 2.1 external tools dion

Release 1.3 - Unknown

add Smarter generation of .classpath file. ${basedir} prefix is cut off if present in any path. Default Maven location of source and destination folder are used. michal
add Added dependency functionality between projects evenisse
update Split eclipse goal in two goals : eclipse:generate-project and eclipse:generate-classpath bwalding

Release 1.2 - Unknown

add Added more documentation dion

Release 1.1 - 2002-10-01

update Made the default to process Maven actions in the background dion

Release 1.0 - 2002-08-17

add Initial release for Maven 1.0-beta6 jvanzyl