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The 1-line error summary

Surefire 2.13 introduced a compact one-line format for quickly being able to locate test failures. This format is intended to give an overview and does necessarily lose some details, which can be found in the main report of the run or the files on disk.

Example output:

  Test1.assertion1:59 Bending maths expected:<[123]> but was:<[312]>
  Test1.assertion2:64 True is false

  Test1.nullPointerInLibrary:38 » NullPointer
  Test1.failInMethod:43->innerFailure:68 NullPointer Fail here
  Test1.failInLibInMethod:48 » NullPointer
  Test1.failInNestedLibInMethod:54->nestedLibFailure:72 » NullPointer
  Test2.test6281:33 Runtime FailHere

The main rules of the format are:

  • Assertion failures only show the message.
  • An Exception/Error is stripped from the Exception name to save space.
  • The exception message is trimmed to an approximate 80 chars.
  • The » symbol means that the exception happened below the method shown (in library code called by test).
  • Methods in superclasses are normally shown as SuperClassName.methodName.
  • If the first method in the stacktrace is in a superclass it will be show as TestClass>Superclass.method.