Maven Doxia Integration Tools

This shared component has some utilities that are useful when integrating Doxia in Maven, mainly for site generation and report creation.

The main entry point is the SiteTool Plexus component.


Instructions on how to use the integration of Doxia in Maven can be found here.

site.xml Model Interpolation

Interpolation of site.xml model injects Maven project's information, replacing ${...} with calculated values like it happens in Maven model interpolation.

Interpolation can be late or early:

  • with late interpolation, replacement happens after inheritance. This is the classical behaviour in Maven pom,
  • with early interpolation, replacement happens before inheritance: this was the default behaviour for project.* values until Doxia Sitetools 1.7 (used in Maven Site Plugin 3.5), when these early and late interpolation definitions didn't exist. Since Doxia Sitetools 1.7.1 (used in Maven Site Plugin 3.5.1), early interpolation happens for this.* values.

Values are evaluated in sequence from different syntaxes:

late value early value evaluation result common examples
project.* this.* POM content (see POM reference) ${project.version} 
* this.* model properties, such as project properties set in the pom ${any.key} 
environment variables ${env.PATH}