Available Extensions

Maven is - at its heart - a plugin execution framework; most work is done by plugins. However, with extensions it is possible to hook into Maven, e.g. to manipulate the lifecycle.

Maintained By The Maven Project

Extension Version Release Date Description Source Repository Issue Tracker
Build Cache 1.1.0 2023-11-27 Maven Incremental Build and Cache (local and remote). Git / GitHub Jira MBUILDCACHE
Enforcer 3.4.1 2023-09-07 Environmental constraint checking (Maven Version, JDK etc), User Custom Rule Execution. Git / GitHub Jira MENFORCER

Outside The Maven Land

A number of other projects provide their own Maven extensions. This includes:

Open Source

Extension Maintainer Description
notifier Jean-Christophe Gay A status notification will be send at the end of a Maven build.
polyglot Takari Polyglot for Maven is a set of extensions that allows the POM model to be written in dialects other than XML.
profiler Jean-Christophe Gay A time execution recorder for Maven which log time taken by each mojo in your build lifecycle.
profiler Takari The Tesla profiler is a simple EventSpy implementation that gathers timing information.
smart-builder Takari The Takari Smart Builder is a replacement scheduling projects builds in a Maven multi-module build.
opentelemetry-maven-extension The OpenTelemetry project The OpenTelemetry Maven Extension instruments builds to gather execution details as traces for build performance optimization and for troubleshooting.
OpenTelemetry traces can be visualized in open source observability solutions such as Jaeger Tracing as well as in commercial solutions.


Extension Maintainer Description
Gradle Enterprise Gradle Inc. Captures Maven build insights that can be viewed for free on scans.gradle.com. Provides local and remote build caching, distributed test execution and predictive test selection for Maven builds connected to a Gradle Enterprise installation.