Doxia Sink API

The Sink interface is a generic markup language interface provided as a Java API. It contains several methods that encapsulate common text syntax. A start tag is denoted by xxxx() method and a end of tag by xxxx_() method.

For instance, you could do things like:

sink.text( "my text" );

similar to this HTML markup:

<p>my text</p>

To find out more about the Sink API, you can read the Javadoc.

API Changes

With every Doxia release, a new doxia-sink-api artifact has been released even if the API itself didn't change.

Here is a summary of API changes:

doxia-sink-api version change description
1.0-alpha-6 added org.apache.maven.doxia.sink.Sink interface which supercedes org.codehaus.doxia.sink.Sink
1.0-alpha-9 added org.apache.maven.doxia.sink.SinkFactory interface
1.1 added org.apache.maven.doxia.sink.SinkEventAttributes interface and a dependency on doxia-logging-api

Note that doxia-sink-api 1.0 is equivalent to doxia-sink-api 1.0-alpha-9.

Maven dependency

doxia-sink-api is included in every Maven 2 distribution. Decoupling has been done in Maven 3.

Maven version doxia-sink-api version
2.0.x 1.0
2.1.x+ 1.1
3.0+ no more dependency

Maven 2.0.8 is the first Maven 2.0.x version including doxia-sink-api 1.0(-alpha-9).

To hide the difference between doxia-sink-api 1.0-alpha-6 and 1.0 included in previous Maven 2.0.x versions, org.apache.maven.doxia.sink.SinkFactory interface was copied into maven-site-plugin 2.0-beta-6.