SWF Macro

The SWF macro enables users of APT to put SWF (Flash) assets in their documentation.

Flash assets typically need to be wrappered in object and embed tags and can have a variety of parameters. Below is a typical example:

<object classid='clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000'
    width='400' height='400' id='MyMovie'>
    <param name='movie' value='myfile.swf'>
    <param name='quality' value='high'>
    <param name='menu' value='false'>
    <param name='loop' value='0'>
    <embed src='myfile.swf' width='400' height='400' loop='0' quality='high'
    type='application/x-shockwave-flash' menu='false'></embed>

In order to use a *.swf in your APT file, use the basic syntax:


For which src is the required parameter. Make sure to put your *.swf file into the /resources folder so that it will get copied to /target when running the mvn site task.

You can use more advanced parameters to control the output, as per below:


For a full listing of parameters and their values see the Adobe knowledge base:


Parameters and Defaults

Currently the following parameters are available through the macro. If no value is placed within a parameter, the value will default to the following:

  • id = "swf"
  • width = "400"
  • height = "400"
  • quality = "high"
  • menu = "false"
  • loop = "0"
  • play = "true"
  • version = "9,0,45,0"
  • allowScript = "sameDomain"

Note: There is some provided shorthand for versions, i.e. - version=6 - becomes version=6,0,29,0.

TODO: only shorthand for 6 and 9 are functional. Need to find standard long version for other types.