Require Property

This rule can enforce that a declared property is set and optionally evaluate it against a regular expression.

The following parameters are supported by this rule:

  • property - the property to evaluate.
  • message - an optional message to the user if the rule fails. Default is: "Property 'xxx' is required for this build".
  • regex - an optional regular expression used to check the value of the property.
  • regexMessage - an optional message to the user if the regex check fails.

The regex is applied to the entire value of the property (i.e. using the regex "match" method), and not just a substring of the property value.

Sample Plugin Configuration:

                  <message>You must set a basedir property!</message>
                  <regexMessage>The basedir property must contain at least one digit.</regexMessage>
                  <message>"Project version must be specified."</message>
                  <regexMessage>"Project version must end in a number or -SNAPSHOT."</regexMessage>