Maven :: Indexer CLI

Indexer CLI produces a CLI tool for indexing and publishing Maven repositories.

CLI Options Reference

Use either unpack (-u,--unpack) or index (-i,--index and -r,--repository) options.

-c,--chunksCreate incremental chunks
-d,--destination <path>Target folder
-h,--helpDisplay help information
-i,--index <path>Path to the index folder
-k,--keep <num>Number of incremental chunks to keep
-n,--name <string>Repository name
-q,--quietQuiet output - only show errors
-r,--repository <path>Path to the Maven repository
-s,--checksumsCreate checksums for all files (sha1, md5)
-t,--type <type>Indexer type (default, min, full or comma separated list of custom types)
-u,--unpackUnpack an index file
-v,--versionDisplay version information
-X,--debugProduce execution debug output