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The following document contains the listing of user tags found in the code. Below is the summary of the occurrences per tag.

Tag Class Total number of occurrences Tag strings used by tag class
Deprecated Work 32 @deprecated
FIXME Work 3 fixme, @fixme
Todo Work 30 todo, @todo

Each tag is detailed below:

Deprecated Work

Number of occurrences found in the code: 32

org.apache.maven.index.AbstractSearchRequest Line
always returns false, since 4.1.0 there is no notion of hit limit 126
always returns -1 (no hit limit), since 4.1.0 there is no notion of hit limit 138
does nothing, since 4.1.0 there is no notion of hit limit 150
org.apache.maven.index.AbstractSearchResponse Line
use {@link #getTotalHitsCount()} instead. 49
always returns false, since 4.1.0 there is no notion of hit limit 83
org.apache.maven.index.DefaultNexusIndexer Line
Use {@link Indexer} instead. Discouraged from further use, as it suffers from multiple synchronization and other problems. As it tries to serve as "context registry" too, but it does not synchronize the access to it, but also, introduces some extras (like "targeted" vs "non targeted" search), that makes it's behavior less intuitive. 56
org.apache.maven.index.IteratorSearchResponse Line
Use {@link #empty(Query)} instead. 99
Left here for backward compatibility, but since version 4.1.0 (see MINDEXER-14) there is NO notion of "hit limit" anymore. 107
org.apache.maven.index.NexusIndexer Line
Use {@link Indexer} instead. 86
Use {@link Indexer} instead. 113
Use {@link Indexer} instead. 141
Use {@link Indexer} instead. 170
Use {@link Indexer} instead. 198
Use {@link Indexer} instead. 257
Use {@link Indexer} instead. 265
Use {@link Indexer} instead. 277
Use {@link Indexer} instead. 288
Use {@link Indexer} instead. 299
Use {@link Indexer} instead. 310
Use {@link Indexer} instead. 323
Use {@link Indexer} instead. 358
Use {@link Indexer} instead. 369
Use {@link Indexer} instead. 380
Use {@link Indexer} instead. 397
Use {@link Indexer} instead. 409
org.apache.maven.index.OSGI Line
--No comment-- 44
org.apache.maven.index.QueryCreator Line
Use {@link #constructQuery(Field, SearchExpression)} instead. 61
Use {@link #constructQuery(Field, SearchExpression)} instead. 73
org.apache.maven.index.UniqueGAArtifactFilterPostprocessor Line
Use {@link UniqueArtifactFilterPostprocessor} instead. 31
org.apache.maven.index.artifact.M1ArtifactRecognizer Line
Maven1 support to be dropped. 24
org.apache.maven.index.artifact.M1GavCalculator Line
Maven1 support to be dropped. 32
org.apache.maven.index.context.UnsupportedExistingLuceneIndexException Line
The deprecated {@link org.apache.maven.index.NexusIndexer} uses this exception. Use {@link org.apache.maven.index.Indexer} instead. 27


Number of occurrences found in the code: 3

org.apache.maven.index.Nexus1911IncrementalTest Line
- hardcoded assumptions in test that break with lucene 4, or bugs? 40
org.apache.maven.index.context.IndexUtils Line
check if this copies too much, Lucene 4 has no filter for lucene files Directory.copy( source, target, false ); 48
org.apache.maven.index.updater.DefaultIndexUpdater Line
handle deletion failure 242

Todo Work

Number of occurrences found in the code: 30

org.apache.maven.index.AbstractNexusIndexerTest Line
Brian reported, does not work on Windows because of left open files? FileUtils.deleteDirectory( indexDir ); 52
org.apache.maven.index.AbstractRepoNexusIndexerTest Line
we are FAKING here! return false; 501
org.apache.maven.index.ArtifactInfoRecord Line
use getters instead of public fields ---------- Listing all the fields that ArtifactInfo has on LuceneIndex 44
org.apache.maven.index.ConcurrentUseTest Line
delete some of those already added artifactInfo.version = "1." + String.valueOf( versionSource.getAndIncrement() ); 123
org.apache.maven.index.DefaultArtifactContextProducer Line
shouldn't this use repository layout instead? 62
org.apache.maven.index.DefaultQueryCreator Line
resolve this better! Decouple QueryCreator and IndexCreators! This is a hack/workaround here 192
we are not falling back anymore to legacy! 305
org.apache.maven.index.DefaultScannerListener Line
scattered across commented out changes while I was fixing NEXUS-2712, cstamas These changes should be applied by borks too much the fragile indexer 92
org.apache.maven.index.Nexus1911IncrementalTest Line
fix this! 280
org.apache.maven.index.OneLineFragmenter Line
Auto-generated method stub 53
Auto-generated method stub 58
org.apache.maven.index.archetype.AbstractArchetypeDataSource Line
maybe update index 99
org.apache.maven.index.artifact.M1GavCalculatorTest Line
fix this! 223
org.apache.maven.index.context.DefaultIndexingContext Line
move this to separate thread to not penalty next incoming searcher 511
org.apache.maven.index.creator.JarFileContentsIndexCreator Line
verify if class is public or protected 154
skip all inner classes for now 155
org.apache.maven.index.creator.MavenArchetypeArtifactInfoIndexCreator Line
recheck, is the following true? "Maven plugins and Maven Archetypes can be only JARs?" 68
org.apache.maven.index.creator.MavenPluginArtifactInfoIndexCreator Line
recheck, is the following true? "Maven plugins and Maven Archetypes can be only JARs?" 84
org.apache.maven.index.creator.MinimalArtifactInfoIndexCreator Line
handle artifacts without poms 190
this change breaks junit tests, but not sure why is "null" expected value? 228
org.apache.maven.index.creator.OsgiArtifactIndexCreator Line
olamy : supports only jars ? 216
org.apache.maven.index.incremental.DefaultIncrementalHandlerTest Line
Auto-generated method stub 126
Auto-generated method stub 131
Auto-generated method stub 136
Auto-generated method stub 141
org.apache.maven.index.updater.IndexDataWriter Line
optimize storing int value 216
org.apache.maven.index.updater.LocalIndexCacheTest Line
how to assert if merge==false internally? 171
org.apache.maven.index.util.SpoofIndexCreator Line
Auto-generated method stub 42
Auto-generated method stub 46
Auto-generated method stub 50