Generating the IntelliJ IDEA project files

To generate the files needed for an IntelliJ IDEA Project setup, you only need to execute the main plugin goal, which is idea:idea like so:

mvn idea:idea

The above command will execute the other three goals needed to setup your project for IntelliJ IDEA: idea:project, idea:module, and idea:workspace.

Please note that this plugin has no way to determine the name of the JDK you are using. By default, this uses the JDK name equivalent to java -version in your machine. If you know the name of the JDK to use, for example, 1.5, you can then execute:

mvn idea:idea -DjdkName=1.5

Deleting IDEA project files

To delete the project files used by IntelliJ IDEA, you can execute the command below:

mvn idea:clean

Creating the IDEA project files separately

If, for some reason, you want to create just one of the ipr, iml, or iws files, you can still do it.

To generate just the ipr file, use:

mvn idea:project

To generate just the iml files, use:

mvn idea:module

To generate just the iws file, use:

mvn idea:workspace