JIRA Report

Type Key Summary By
Bug MPIR-242 Incorrect translations list for GPL v3 (illegible letters for Catalan and Arabic) Michael Osipov
Bug MPIR-247 "Comparison method violates its general contract!" while generating site Michael Osipov
Bug MPIR-273 links to modules broken in modules.html of flat multimodule parent project Michael Osipov
Bug MPIR-279 Wrong hyperlinks on index and modules page Michael Osipov
Bug MPIR-280 Clarify that Web Access SCM link is not suitable for SCM checkout Michael Osipov
Bug MPIR-281 Misleading SCM report title Michael Osipov
Bug MPIR-289 DependenciesRenderer's FileDecimalFormat claims to use SI prefixes but calculated numbers do not match Michael Osipov
Bug MPIR-293 On the team list report the "picUrl" property appears in the table, although no other properties are set for that team member Stephen Connolly
Bug MPIR-301 Update plexus-interpolation to 1.21 to avoid thread safety issues Kristian Rosenvold
Bug MPIR-303 Backslash in multi-module project Michael Osipov
Bug MPIR-309 The Integration test mpir-229 breaks on Apache Jenkins Herve Boutemy
Bug MPIR-311 Specific SCM intro is missing if dev connection is given but not anonymous connection Michael Osipov
Bug MPIR-313 License name is mandatory but it is not validated Michael Osipov
Bug MPIR-319 Apache Ant has no dependency management but Apache Ivy has Michael Osipov
Bug MPIR-325 JIRA report is not generated Michael Osipov
Improvement MPIR-263 improve minimum java requirement when m-compiler-p not explicitely configured: use default properties Michael Osipov
Improvement MPIR-265 Improve debug information in Dependencies report Michael Osipov
Improvement MPIR-287 Misleading report titles in Project Information overview Michael Osipov
Improvement MPIR-290 improve git support: remove directory info (after '.git') for "git clone" Herve Boutemy
Improvement MPIR-291 if scm tag is present, propose "git clone --branch <tag>" Herve Boutemy
Improvement MPIR-295 Enhancements on dependency convergence report Michael Osipov
Improvement MPIR-296 SBT Output not correct for dependencies Karl-Heinz Marbaise
Improvement MPIR-298 Continuous Integration support for Travis CI Karl-Heinz Marbaise
Improvement MPIR-299 Update to SCM 1.9.1 Karl-Heinz Marbaise
Improvement MPIR-304 Update dependencies to the most recent usable versions Michael Osipov
Improvement MPIR-305 Upgrade Doxia + Site Tools to 1.6 Michael Osipov
Improvement MPIR-306 Upgrade to maven-plugins version 25 to 26 Karl-Heinz Marbaise
Improvement MPIR-310 Improve 'JDK Rev' label in dependencies report Michael Osipov
Improvement MPIR-314 Upgrade to maven-plugins version 26 to 27 Karl-Heinz Marbaise
Improvement MPIR-315 Replace org.apache.maven.shared:maven-doxia-tools with org.apache.maven.doxia:doxia-integration-tools Karl-Heinz Marbaise
Improvement MPIR-316 Removed dependency org.codehaus.plexus:plexus-container-default:1.0-alpha-9 Karl-Heinz Marbaise
Improvement MPIR-322 Dependencies Files Details should reuse installed jars instead of target/classes Herve Boutemy
Improvement MPIR-326 Remove notes to ancient version of this plugin or the Site Plugin in the apt files Michael Osipov
New Feature MPIR-288 Add a skipEmptyReport option Michael Osipov
New Feature MPIR-297 add a skip parameter Herve Boutemy