The Resources Plugin handles the copying of project resources to the output directory. The following examples describe the basic usage of the Plugin.

To handle filtering this version of Maven Resources Plugin uses Maven Filtering 3.3.1.

Copy resources for the main source code

mvn resources:resources

Upon executing this command, the resources for your main source code, as specified by the <resources> element, will be copied to your main build output directory. This does not affect the resources for your test code.

Moreover, this goal is bound to the process-resources phase.

Copy resources for the unit tests

mvn resources:testResources

Like the first goal this goal copies resources, but this time for your test source code to your test build output directory, as specified by the <testResources> element. Also, this does not affect the resources for the main source code.

Furthermore, this is bound to the process-test-resources phase.

Copy resources specified by a <resources> configuration element

mvn resources:copy-resources

Rather than using the <resources> or <testResources> elements or their defaults, this uses a <resources> element that is specified as part of the plugin configuration.

See the examples for how to configure this. See the Maven Model for how to write <resources> elements.