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Uses of BuildSummary in org.apache.maven.execution

Subclasses of BuildSummary in org.apache.maven.execution
 class BuildFailure
          Summarizes the result of a failed project build in the reactor.
 class BuildSuccess
          Summarizes the result of a successful project build in the reactor.

Methods in org.apache.maven.execution that return BuildSummary
 BuildSummary MavenExecutionResult.getBuildSummary(MavenProject project)
          Gets the build summary for the specified project.
 BuildSummary DefaultMavenExecutionResult.getBuildSummary(MavenProject project)

Methods in org.apache.maven.execution with parameters of type BuildSummary
 void MavenExecutionResult.addBuildSummary(BuildSummary summary)
          Add the specified build summary.
 void DefaultMavenExecutionResult.addBuildSummary(BuildSummary summary)

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