Per-directory repository metadata, for directories representing un-versioned artifact, snapshot artifact or a group containing Maven plugins.

Notice that most metadata content has a meaning when the directory represents an artifact (groupId, artifactId, versioning), but plugins is used when the directory represents a group.

<metadata xmlns="" xmlns:xsi=""
  modelVersion=.. >



No description.

Attribute Type Description
modelVersion String The version of the underlying metadata model.
Element Type Description
groupId String The groupId that this directory represents, if any.
artifactId String The artifactId that this directory represents, if any.
version String The version that this directory represents, if any. It is used for artifact snapshots only.
versioning Versioning Versioning information for the artifact.
plugins/plugin* List<Plugin> (Many) The set of plugin mappings for the group represented by this directory


Versioning information for an artifact (un-versioned or snapshot)

Element Type Description
latest String What the latest version in the directory is, including snapshots
release String What the latest version in the directory is, of the releases only
snapshot Snapshot The current snapshot data in use for this version (artifact snapshots only)
versions/version* List<String> (Many) Versions available of the artifact (both releases and snapshots)
lastUpdated String When the metadata was last updated
snapshotVersions/snapshotVersion* List<SnapshotVersion> (Many) Information for each sub-artifact available in this artifact snapshot.


Snapshot data for the current artifact version

Element Type Description
timestamp String The time it was deployed
buildNumber int The incremental build number
Default value is: 0.
localCopy boolean Whether to use a local copy instead (with filename that includes the base version)
Default value is: false.


Versioning information for a sub-artifact of the current snapshot artifact.

Element Type Description
classifier String The classifier of the sub-artifact.
Default value is: .
extension String The file extension of thesub-artifact.
value String The resolved snapshot version of the sub-artifact.
updated String The timestamp when this version information was last updated. The timestamp is expressed using UTC in the format yyyyMMddHHmmss.


Mapping information for a single plugin within this group

Element Type Description
name String Display name for the plugin.
prefix String The plugin invocation prefix (i.e. eclipse for eclipse:eclipse)
artifactId String The plugin artifactId