Class SparseDirectoryTrustedChecksumsSource

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@Singleton @Named("sparseDirectory") public final class SparseDirectoryTrustedChecksumsSource extends Object
Sparse file FileTrustedChecksumsSourceSupport implementation that use specified directory as base directory, where it expects artifacts checksums on standard Maven2 "local" layout. This implementation uses Artifact coordinates solely to form path from basedir, pretty much as Maven local repository does.

The source by default is "origin aware", it will factor in origin repository ID as well into base directory name (for example ".checksums/central/...").

The checksums files are directly loaded from disk, so in-flight file changes during lifecycle of session are picked up. This implementation can be simultaneously used to lookup and also write checksums. The written checksums will become visible across all sessions right after the moment they were written.

The name of this implementation is "sparseDirectory".

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