Class DefaultRepositorySystemSession

All Implemented Interfaces:

public final class DefaultRepositorySystemSession extends Object implements RepositorySystemSession
A legacy repository system session. It is usable to "derive" sessions from existing session instances (using copy-constructor), but the recommended way to derive sessions is using RepositorySystemSession.SessionBuilder.withRepositorySystemSession(RepositorySystemSession) instead.

Important: while the default constructor on this class is deprecated only, it is left only to guarantee backward compatibility with legacy code, but the default constructor should not be used anymore. Using that constructor will lead to resource leaks.

Note: This class is not thread-safe. It is assumed that the mutators get only called during an initialization phase and that the session itself is not changed once initialized and being used by the repository system. It is recommended to call setReadOnly() once the session has been fully initialized to prevent accidental manipulation of it afterward.

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