Maven Reporting Executor

Classes to manage report plugin executions with Maven 3, through MavenReportExecutor (implementation): report plugins can be configured in <configuration> element of maven-site-plugin or any other report building plugin with following XML model corresponding to plugin's List<ReportPlugin> parameter:


Notice this is the model from plugins in <reporting> section of POM:

  • without <inherited> element: reporting plugins configuration inheritance is not supported at this level (see MSITE-484),
  • with additional <reports> list outside <reportSet> that simplifies reports configuration in usual cases,
  • with optional <version>: if no version is specified for a report plugin, version is determined by
    1. searching for the plugin in the build/plugins section of the pom,
    2. searching for the plugin in the build/pluginManagement section of the pom,
    3. asking PluginVersionResolver to get a fallback version and display a warning as it's not a recommended use.

Maven 3 core makes an automatic transformation of <reporting> POM section to maven-site-plugin configuration through the ReportingConverter component.