Maven Reporting Implementation

Abstract classes to manage report generation, which can be run both:


Creating a new report plugin can be done by copying structure and implement a few methods.


inclusion in Maven core

Until Maven 2.0.4, maven-reporting-impl was included in Maven 2 core distribution: version used was completely driven by Maven version used.

The module was removed from Maven core starting with Maven 2.0.5 and moved to shared components to improve fexibility: starting with Maven 2.0.5, each plugin can choose its maven-reporting-impl version independently from Maven.

Doxia dependency

maven-reporting-impl 2.0.x use Doxia 1.0, then is used for reporting plugins wanting Maven 2.0.x compatibility.

maven-reporting-impl 2.1.x use Doxia 1.1: using this version implies for a reporting plugin that it has Maven 2.1 as prerequisite.

maven-reporting-impl 2.2.x use Doxia 1.2.