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Here is a non-exhaustive list of known projects which documentation sites have been generated using the Maven Fluido Skin (in sparse order):

Apache Projects

Apache Oltu Apache Any23 Apache Struts
Apache Syncope Apache Archiva Apache Maven Surefire Plugin
Apache Chukwa Apache Ambari Apache Log4j 2
Apache Tomcat Maven Plugin Apache Hama
Olivier Lamy's ASF pages Tommaso Teofili's ASF pages Simone Tripodi's ASF pages

Non-ASF projects

MojoHaus Maven Alfresco Lifecycle
MyBatis SQL Mapper Redline RPM The 99 Software Foundation
JJSON Sparkle-G Android Maven Plugin
Terradue Spatial OpenSearch catalogue client GWT Bootstrap Test Anything Protocol for Java
Maven Plugin for Project Lombok Advanced-dispatch Language Implementation Architecture for Java Dozer