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Feature Matrix

Not all features are supported for all test frameworks, and the following table gives a brief overview of support status:

Feature JUnit3 JUnit4 JUnit47 TestNG POJO JUnit 5 Platform
groups/category/tags support N N Y Y N Y
security manager support Y N N N N N
runOrder support Y Y Y ? Y Y
run >1 individual test method in a class N Y Y Y N ?(*1)
parallel support N N Y Y N N(*2)
custom run-listener N Y Y Y - N
re-run count N Y Y N N Y(*3)
skip after failure count N Y Y Y N N
Surefire Extensions Y Y Y Y Y Y(*4)

Legend: "Y" means supported, "N" means not supported. "?" means not tested.

If you would like to implement support for a given provider with an "N" or a "?" (or create tests for it), you should create a patch and mark the issue as an improvement. If there is something wrong with an implementation marked with "Y" that is considered a bug.

(*1) The JUnit 5 Platform supports running multiple individual test methods in a single class, but there are some corner cases that are not supported, yet: junit-team/junit5#1343 and junit-team/junit5#1406).

(*2) The test are executed in parallel but the report supports only a sequence of test events, see the issue SUREFIRE-1795.

(*3) Since 3.0.0-M4

(*4) 3 extensions related to JUnit5 annotation DisplayName.