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Packages that use MavenException
org.apache.maven Core code used to execute Maven. 
org.apache.maven.jelly.tags.maven Various jelly tags provided by Maven to allow easier access its facilities. 
org.apache.maven.plugin Code to cache and manage plugin execution. 
org.apache.maven.repository Repository and their held artifacts. 
org.apache.maven.verifier Code that verifies Maven configuration details. 

Uses of MavenException in org.apache.maven

Subclasses of MavenException in org.apache.maven
 class GoalException
          A generic exception related to Maven and goal acquisition
 class UnknownGoalException
          Indicates an attempt to access an unknown werkz goal.

Methods in org.apache.maven that throw MavenException
static Project MavenUtils.getProject( projectDescriptor)
          Create a Project object given a file descriptor.
static Project MavenUtils.getProject( projectDescriptor, MavenJellyContext parentContext)
          Create a Project object given a file descriptor, and a parent context
static Project MavenUtils.getProject( projectDescriptor, MavenJellyContext parentContext, boolean useParentPom)
          Create a Project object given a file descriptor and optionally a parent Jelly context.
static Project MavenUtils.getNonJellyProject( projectDescriptor, MavenJellyContext parentContext, boolean useParentPom)
          Get a project, but not a Jelly-ised project.
static java.util.List MavenUtils.getProjects( directory, java.lang.String includes, java.lang.String excludes)
          This is currently used for the reactor but may be generally useful.
static java.util.List MavenUtils.getProjects( directory, java.lang.String includes, java.lang.String excludes, MavenJellyContext context)
          This is currently used for the reactor but may be generally useful.
 Project MavenSession.getPluginProjectFromGoal(java.lang.String goal)
          Returns a plugin project for the given goal.
 java.util.Set MavenSession.getProjectGoals(Project project)
          Return the goals for the given project.

Uses of MavenException in org.apache.maven.jelly.tags.maven

Subclasses of MavenException in org.apache.maven.jelly.tags.maven
 class DependencyResolverException
          TODO: describe

Uses of MavenException in org.apache.maven.plugin

Subclasses of MavenException in org.apache.maven.plugin
 class UnknownPluginException
          Indicates an attempt to access an unknown plugin.

Methods in org.apache.maven.plugin that throw MavenException
 Project JellyScriptHousing.getProject()
(package private)  void JellyScriptHousing.parse(PluginDefinitionHandler handler, java.lang.String systemId, inStream)
(package private)  void JellyScriptHousing.parse(PluginDefinitionHandler handler)
 void PluginManager.initialize()
          Initialize all plugins.
(package private)  java.util.List PluginManager.readMavenXml(Project project, GoalToJellyScriptHousingMapper mapper)
 java.util.Set PluginManager.getGoalNames(Project project)
          Warning - this completely scrogs the default mapper.
 void PluginManager.installPlugin( file, Project parentProject)
 void PluginManager.installPlugin( file, Project parentProject, boolean cache)
          Load and install a plugin.
 MavenJellyContext PluginManager.getPluginContext(java.lang.String id)
(package private) PluginManager.unpackPlugin(java.lang.String pluginName, jarFile, boolean cache)
          Unpack the plugin.
 Project PluginManager.getPluginProjectFromGoal(java.lang.String goal)
(package private)  void PluginCacheManager.registerPlugin(java.lang.String name, JellyScriptHousing housing)

Uses of MavenException in org.apache.maven.repository

Methods in org.apache.maven.repository that throw MavenException
 java.lang.String ArtifactTypeHandler.constructRepositoryFullPath(java.lang.String type, Project project, java.lang.String version)
          Map an artifact to a repository path.
 java.lang.String ArtifactTypeHandler.constructRepositoryDirectoryPath(java.lang.String type, Project project)
          Map an artifact to a repository directory path.

Uses of MavenException in org.apache.maven.verifier

Subclasses of MavenException in org.apache.maven.verifier
 class ChecksumVerificationException
          Specialized artifact corruption exception.
 class RepoConfigException
          Specialized repository configuration exception.
 class UnsatisfiedDependencyException
          Specialized unsatisfied dependency exception.

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