Apache Maven 1.x has reached its end of life, and is no longer supported. For more information, see the announcement. Users are encouraged to migrate to the current version of Apache Maven.


How can I get the "classic" (Maven 1.0 RC1 and below) theme on my site?
You can switch to the classic CSS by setting

On the footer that Maven adds with the company name ... is there any way I can make the company name a hyperlink to copyright info for the company?
Not at the moment

Can I specify to have the Maven footer (2002-2003 company name) just below the line "Last Published ..." ? rather than at the foot of the page ? What is the property entry for this?
Not at the moment

How can I change the powered by logo?
# The logo to show on the generated site. No default at present 
maven.xdoc.poweredby.image = maven-bolt.png 
maven.xdoc.poweredby.title = Bolted together with Maven 
maven.xdoc.poweredby.url = http://maven.apache.org/ 

How do I put HTML in my description?
Use html escape notion. e.g: >

Can I create my own index page rather than using the autogenerated page from the description?
Create an index.xml file in the xdocs directory.

Does the documentation generated by Maven Xdocs plugin support internationalization?
Yes. Please see the i18n document.


I've discovered the navigation.xml file and can now add links and menu items. How do I add a menu 'header' to navigation.xml in the same style as the generated 'Project Documentation' header (which comes out in HTML within STRONG tags) ?
To add a new menu, use the
<menu name="Menu Name">
element. Each linkable entry underneath is its own item.

Is there any way I can specify whereabouts in the navigation.xml Maven adds the 'Project Information' block or is it always at the foot?
Not at the moment

How can I add images to the navigation?
Add an img attribute to the item element.
<item name="The Site" href="http://www.thesite.net/" img="http://www.thesite.net/thesite.png"/>

How do I create collapsible items?
Add a collapse="true" attribute, e.g.
<item name="Design" href="/design.html" collapse="true">

How do I add the Google search to my pages?
Add a <search/> element to your navigation.xml file. e.g:
<project name="foo">
    <menu name="bar">

Specific problems

Can I use Unicode characters in my xml files?
Yes. You will have to set you system locale accordingly when you generate a site, eg. on Linux: 'export LANG=en_US.UTF-8'.