Apache Maven 1.x has reached its end of life, and is no longer supported. For more information, see the announcement. Users are encouraged to migrate to the current version of Apache Maven.

Release History

1.10.1 2007-05-07
1.10 2006-06-18
1.9.2 2005-09-05
1.9.1 2005-06-16
1.9 2005-06-09
1.8 2004-07-10
1.7.2 2004-06-25
1.7.1 2004-05-19
1.7 2004-05-12
1.6 2004-03-10
1.5 2004-02-03
1.4 2003-09-29
1.3 Unknown
1.2 2002-10-01

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Release 1.10.1 - 2007-05-07

fix maven-xdoc-plugin-1.10.1-SNAPSHOT fails under JDK 6 Fixes MPXDOC-200. Thanks to Benoit Xhenseval. shinobu
add New 'Built by Maven' logos - default changed to mavenlogo_builtby_w.png Fixes MPXDOC-203. aheritier
fix Plugin fails with anonymous access and empty password in scm url. Fixes MPXDOC-202. ltheussl
update Change margin between menu items in stylus.css. aheritier
fix Plugin fails if there is an index.xml in the filesystem root directory. Fixes MPXDOC-201. ltheussl
fix Improve stylus.css. Fixes MPXDOC-199. ltheussl
update Upgrade maven-model to version 3.0.2. Fixes MAVEN-1755. aheritier
fix Wrong margin around organization/name when no organization/logo is present. Fixes MPXDOC-198. dennisl
fix Report fails if there is no connection element in repository. Fixes MPXDOC-197. ltheussl
update Update to velocity 1.5. ltheussl
update Update dom4j and jelly dependencies to match the ones in maven 1.1 core. ltheussl
update Update dependencies to unify them between plugins. The following dependencies are updated : commons-jelly-tags-interaction v1.0 to v1.1, jaxen v1.0-FCS-full to 1.1-beta-9. aheritier

Release 1.10 - 2006-06-18

update The 'Development Process' menu link now leads to an internal page. Fixes MPXDOC-170. ltheussl
fix Fix xml entities in xdoc source files (only in Maven 1.1 because of a bug in an old Jelly version). Fixes MPXDOC-17. ltheussl
fix Add i18n support for links and breadcrumbs. Fixes MPXDOC-194. ltheussl
update Replace the deprecated xmlParserAPIs by xml-apis 1.3.03. Fixes MAVEN-1753. aheritier
add Add a public DTD identifier for xdoc. Fixes MPXDOC-192. ltheussl
update An image can be used in the menu entry for a report. aheritier
update Item name is always displayed even if img attribute is setted. In the navigation file the new attribute 'hideName' can be used to hide the name in the link (if you want to display only the image for example). aheritier
add Allow the use of items' attributes 'target' and 'img' for breadcrumbs entries in the na vigation file. aheritier
update In breadcrumbs, use for the project's name nav.title if defined, pom.name otherwise. aheritier
fix Display the "external link" icon only if the link host is different from the project url (pom.url). aheritier
add New attribute fileSuffix for the tag doc:registerReport allow to use another extension than '.html' for a report link. aheritier
add Include instructions for ClearCase, Starteam and Perforce access in the scm-usage page. ltheussl
add Include dependencies' scope in dependencies page. Fixes MPXDOC-191. ltheussl
add Include the new theme maven-stylus.css . Fixes MPXDOC-190. ltheussl
add Document the use of pom settings by the xdoc plugin. Fixes MPXDOC-189. ltheussl
update The name of the cvs-usage page has changed to scm-usage.html. If you have a link directly to this page, you will have to update it. ltheussl
fix CVS usage page is blank when using Subversion. Fixes MPXDOC-130. ltheussl
fix Fix broken maven.xdoc.date=navigation-top and navigation-bottom . Fixes MPXDOC-185. ltheussl
add Enable user-defined custom templates. Fixes MPXDOC-183. Thanks to Niall Pemberton. ltheussl
fix Correct cvs checkout instructions on cvs-usage page. Fixes MPXDOC-187. ltheussl
fix Url and timezone not used for contributor. Fixes MPXDOC-125. Thanks to Shinobu Kawai Yoshida. ltheussl
fix Mailing list links break if the address starts with http. Fixes MPXDOC-186. ltheussl
fix Internationalized sites have no images. Fixes MPXDOC-177. ltheussl
add New goal xdoc:sitemap to generate a sitemap. Fixes MPXDOC-164. ltheussl
update Update dependencies to match ones in maven 1.1 core and to unify them between plugins. The following dependencies are updated :
  • commons-jelly v1.0-RC1 - > v1.0
  • commons-logging v1.0.3 - > v1.0.4
  • maven-model v3.0.0 - > v3.0.1
Fixes MAVEN-1712.
fix maven.ui.navcol.width has no effect. Fixes MPXDOC-178. Thanks to Phil Steitz. ltheussl
fix When there's no user provided documentation, some generated docs don't get copied to site. Fixes MPXDOC-176. ltheussl
fix Menus with type="header" are not processed by site.jsl . Fixes MPXDOC-175. Thanks to Phil Steitz. ltheussl
fix Unclear error message when < currentVersion/ > in project.xml file not defined. Fixes MPXDOC-174. ltheussl
add Perform JSL transforms on xdocs only when they have changed. Fixes MPXDOC-141. Thanks to M. Sean Gilligan. ltheussl
add Add xdoc tag library documentation to the plugin site. Fixes MPXDOC-169. ltheussl
fix Fix xdoc:validate . Fixes MPXDOC-87. ltheussl
fix One cannot call xdoc:copy-user-resources directly. Fixes MPXDOC-106. Thanks to Jerome Lacoste. ltheussl
add Add support for more powered-by banners. Fixes MPXDOC-126. Thanks to Maarten Coene. ltheussl
add Support global theme. Fixes MPXDOC-80. Thanks to Joerg Schaible. ltheussl
add Add a navigation bar. Fixes MPXDOC-24. Thanks to Gilles Dodinet. ltheussl
add Add an optional id tag to sub/sections, so they can be referenced. Fixes MPXDOC-158. ltheussl
add Add a property to override navigation.xml . Fixes MPXDOC-144. ltheussl
add Show organization in header even if logo not set. Fixes MPXDOC-127. Thanks to Shinobu Kawai Yoshida. ltheussl
fix Ampersands in navigation.xml being escaped twice. Fixes MPXDOC-47. ltheussl
fix Ampersand in section/subsection not correct. Fixes MPXDOC-133. ltheussl
fix Downloads report cannot be disabled for child projects. Fixes MPXDOC-104. Thanks to Rafal Krzewski. ltheussl

Release 1.9.2 - 2005-09-05

fix Dependencies comment (MPXDOC-129) feature disappeared. Fixes MPXDOC-163. aheritier
fix Special characters in menu ids aren't escaped. Fixes MPXDOC-162. Thanks to Lukas Theussl. aheritier
fix Add documentation about "external links" and "new windows". Fixes MPXDOC-156. Thanks to Jeff Jensen. aheritier
fix Xdoc plugin > = 1.9 not compatible with older customised site.jsl. Fixes MPXDOC-155. Thanks to Lukas Theussl. aheritier
fix System locale setting makes test cases fail. Fixes MPXDOC-154. Thanks to Juan F. Codagnone,Vincent Siveton,Lukas Theussl. aheritier
fix cvs-usage link not shown in project-info page Fixes MPXDOC-152. Thanks to Arnaud Heritier. vsiveton
fix i18n : menu tag in xdoc does not work with "key" translated text id. Fixes MPXDOC-151. aheritier
fix maven.xdoc.date.format does not seem to have any effect. Fixes MPXDOC-150. Thanks to Ignacio G. Mac Dowell. aheritier
fix < DT > is appearing same way as subsection. Fix layout for the FAQ plugin. Fixes MPXDOC-149. Thanks to Lukas Theussl. aheritier
fix Fixed bundles expression. Fixes MPXDOC-148. Thanks to Incze Lajos. vsiveton
fix Missing "Project Reports" header in the generated menu. Fixes MPXDOC-147. aheritier
add Allow i18n links. Fixes MPXDOC-131. Thanks to Ignacio G. Mac Dowell. aheritier
fix i18n : html code removed from bundles. aheritier
fix i18n : doc title wasn't printed in breadcrumbs. aheritier
update breadcrumbs : add a link to the site on the project name. aheritier

Release 1.9.1 - 2005-06-16

fix Don't override the Maven library. This makes the plugin compatible with both Maven 1.0.2 and Maven 1.1 brett

Release 1.9 - 2005-06-09

fix Fix cvs usage entry in "project Info" menu. Add it if the repository element is defined in the pom (and not if the URL of the repository is defined). aheritier
add Added internationalization support. Fixes MPXDOC-128. Thanks to Vincent Siveton. brett
fix NullPointerException with optionals pom items missing. Fixes MPXDOC-136. Thanks to Vincent Siveton. aheritier
fix A link starting with https wasn't considered as an external link. Fixes MPXDOC-132. Thanks to Ignacio G. Mac Dowell. aheritier
add Add a comment property for dependencies Fixes MPXDOC-129. Thanks to Miguel Griffa. felipeal
add Added maven.xdoc.copy.excludes property which lists the files to exclude from the resources copy. This defaults to any images currently unused by Maven. Additionally, if you are not using the classic theme, maven.xdoc.copy.excludes.classic is used to eliminate images only for the classic theme brett
add Added new tag < escapeXml > . Fixes MPXDOC-118. felipeal
add Maven xdoc plugin clean up generated velocity log as part of calling clean. Fixes MPXDOC-124. Thanks to Shinobu Kawai. epugh
add New property (maven.xdoc.xml.copy) to copy only and not transform some xml files provided in the ${maven.docs.src} directory. Fixes MPXDOC-123. aheritier
update Make compatible with Maven 1.1 brett
fix Show version if maven.xdoc.date=right Fixes MPXDOC-117. Thanks to Dennis Lundberg. aheritier
fix Allow header images and links to use relative paths Fixes MPXDOC-115. Thanks to Brent Worden. aheritier
add Added dt css style Fixes MPFAQ-11. carlos
add Add a legend for the symbols in the xdoc, disabled by setting maven.xdoc.legend=false brett
add Add a support for "hierarchical" site navigation in breadcrumbs michal

Release 1.8 - 2004-07-10

add Add an externalLink attribute to a report to use if link is not present brett
add Added a link to the release notes in the download report. Note that this link is only created if the project has a xdocs/changes.xml file. vmassol
add Add instructions to checkout with maven to cvs-usage page Fixes MPXDOC-112. carlos

Release 1.7.2 - 2004-06-25

fix Correct ampersand handling in hrefs. Fixes MPXDOC-92. brett
fix Build and run plugin against the installed version of Maven brett

Release 1.7.1 - 2004-05-19

fix Fix bad target in links generated in reports overview page. Fixes MPXDOC-102. Thanks to Rafal Krzewski. aheritier

Release 1.7 - 2004-05-12

  • Items in navigation.xml and reports can define a target attribute.
  • Items in links can use an img attribute to create an icon.
  • New CSS class named "externalLink" used for links with an url beginning with 'http://'.
  • New CSS class named "newWindow" used for links with target='_blank'.
Fixes MPXDOC-97. Thanks to Fabrizio Giustina, Harald Ommang .
fix Exclude .fml files from copy to target directory brett
add Add a "classic" theme CSS brett
add Added new download report along with a new link in the Maven generated documentation. This new link will only appear if you have defined the new maven.xdoc.distributionUrl property. There is also a new maven.xdoc.distributionType property that indicates what type of artifact your project is delivering. It defaults to "jar". vmassol
add The xdoc plugin now supports generating custom reports using Jelly. It was previously only supporting Velocity. Simply name your report templates with a ".jelly " extension. vmassol
fix Allow reports to be generated even if they aren't linked from the "project reports" section by giving an empty link attribute to the register report tag. Fixes MPXDOC-98. Thanks to fabrizio giustina. brett
fix Only show "CVS Access Behind a Firewall" section if using CVS. Fixes MPXDOC-90. Thanks to Corey Tripp. brett
fix wrong lists generated for not expandable menu items. Some changes in patch were already put in place by brett. Fixes MPXDOC-96. Thanks to fabrizio giustina. brett
fix Fix issues with DOM classes and jdk1.3 dion
fix jslToSite fix, escapeNameTokens improvement Fixes MPXDOC-95. Thanks to fabrizio giustina. brett
fix make anchor tags not wrap text, but sit in front of it Fixes MPXDOC-63. brett
fix indent nested menus in navigation Fixes MPXDOC-78. Thanks to Chad McHenry. brett
fix remove changes-report.xml which was generating over the top of the actual report. This information already exists in the changes plugin documentation. brett
fix fix processing of a href links Fixes MPXDOC-82. brett
fix fix URI problems Fixes MPXDOC-84. brett
fix html tags not passed through for source and pre tags Fixes MPXDOC-89. dion

Release 1.6 - 2004-03-10

fix Fix google search form flow issues dion

Release 1.5 - 2004-02-03

  • generated site is valid tableless XHTML with a fully css layout.
  • Html elements are now used properly: link lists are ul, titles are h1, h2, etc.
  • invalid html produced for sections "name" elements is now fixed, escaping unvalid chars (replaced by "_").
  • Hrefs for local links (starting with "#") are fixed accordingly during transformation
  • whitespace in output has been dramatically reduced (only preserved in sensitive elements such as pre, script, style
  • fixes layout during loading in internet explorer: empty images in the nav bar are popping up with the default blue border and text is initially unstyled.
  • No empty images are used anymore ("handles" for nav bar are created using css)
  • xdoc:copy-user-resources also copies resource from maven.gen.docs and not only from maven.docs.src: this allows for reporting plugins to generate images without copying them directly to maven.docs.dest
  • users can add links _after_ the standard project info/project reports section setting the "type" attribute to "footer" for the menu element ($nav/body/menu[@type='footer' ] )
  • development process URL is not included if maven.xdoc.developmentProcessUrl is empty
  • xhtml fix: missing "alt" attribute for images (required in xhtml) is added automatically
Fixes MPXDOC-77.
update Remove the need for ${pom} interpolation in properties. The use of the maven:property tag is now used to glean a default property. jvanzyl
update Removed unneeded ant and grant dependencies. dion
fix Document maven.xdoc.jsl. Fixes MAVEN-965. dion
fix Evenly space breadcrumbs, customize separator. Fixes MAVEN-966. dion
fix Better timezone calcs. Fixes MAVEN-962. dion
fix Bad docs entries for maven.docs.dest and maven.gen.docs. Fixes MAVEN-961. dion
fix Add details on date format. Fixes MAVEN-964. dion
fix Fix excess whitespace. Fixes MAVEN-940. dion
fix Fixed empty scm repository and issue tracking URL still being added to the project navigation. dion

Release 1.4 - 2003-09-29

fix cvs-usage.xml breaks on non-cvs scm URL Fixes MAVEN-756. dion
update Move xdoc faqs over from the wiki dion
update update to commons-jelly-20030902.160215 dion
fix Move maven.docs.* and maven.gen.docs to defaults.properties instead of xdoc plugin dion
fix Fix the broken build if repository/connection is not present. Fixes MAVEN-698. evenisse
fix Fixed bug where top level xdocs were using xdocs/navigation.xml instead of the generated one when it was available. dion
update Dependency report was completely rewritten. Report generator is now aware of notion of type and groupId. In addition URL and Description (which was also added to the report) of the dependency can be taken from the POM if there is one in the local repository michal
fix Documentation of goals ported to new dedicated format michal
update update to maven 1.0-beta-10 dion
update update to velocity 1.4-dev dion
update Upgrade to dom4j 1.4 dion
fix Add xml declaration to generated report. Fixed for character encoding. evenisse
fix Added the google search on navbar Fixes MAVEN-554. Thanks to Tim Anderson. dion
fix remove the space in anchors. Fixes MAVEN-322. Thanks to Paulo Silveira. evenisse
fix suppress highlight on hover on mozilla on named anchors. Fixes MAVEN-419. Thanks to Mark Wilkinson. evenisse

Release 1.3 - Unknown

add target encoding can be set for files generated from POM. Fixes MAVEN-383. Thanks to Kuisong Tong. michal
add Added a target to validate the navigation.xml files from the schema dion
add Added Cactus reports to Project Reports vmassol
add Added new $gen-xdocs variable in the Velocity context used to generate the templates files. It points to the location where generated xdocs are located. vmassol
update Added maven.xdoc.development-process-url properties. evenisse
add Added Javadoc report to Project Reports dion
fix Fix table widths of changelog and changes reports dion
fix Fix for Maven-124, the navbar was out of sync with maven-reports.xml dion

Release 1.2 - 2002-10-01

update Created link with development process page if development-process.xml exist in xdocs directory, otherwise a link with development process page on Maven site. evenisse
add Added documentation for the new changes report. dion
add Added the new changes report . vmassol
add Added an id column for committers on the team-list page. vmassol