All Classes and Interfaces

A skeleton implementation for custom transporters.
An artifact decorator.
A factory to create artifact decorators.
A download of an artifact from a remote repository.
An artifact generator that participates in the installation/deployment of artifacts.
A factory to create artifact generators.
An artifact predicate.
A factory to create artifact predicates.
Artifact resolver post-resolution processor component, is able to hook into resolver and post-process the resolved artifact results, if needed even produce resolution failure.
A download/upload of an artifact.
An upload of an artifact to a remote repository.
Implementation performing checksum calculation for specific algorithm.
A component representing a checksum factory: provides ChecksumAlgorithm instances, name and extension to be used with this algorithm.
Component performing selection of ChecksumAlgorithmFactory based on known factory names.
Support class for ChecksumAlgorithmFactory implementations.
Helper for checksum operations.
Checksum extractor.
Checksum extractor strategy, that aims for given type of included checksum.
A checksum policy gets employed by repository connectors to validate the integrity of a downloaded file.
Enum denoting origin of checksum.
Assists repository connectors in applying checksum policies to downloaded resources.
A utility component to perform checksum related operations.
A listener object that is notified for every progress made while copying files.
A task to download a resource from the remote repository.
Some shared HTTP constants.
A transporter using HTTP protocol.
Exception thrown by HttpTransporter in case of errors.
A factory for HttpTransporter.
A factory to create managers for the local repository.
A download of metadata from a remote repository.
A download/upload of metadata.
An upload of metadata to a remote repository.
A utility component to perform file-based operations.
A listener object that is notified for every progress made while copying files.
A task to check the existence of a resource in the remote repository.
Component able to provide (expected) checksums to connector beforehand the download happens.
A task to upload a resource to the remote repository.
Remote repository filter that decides should the given artifact or metadata be accepted (for further processing) from remote repository or not.
The check result, is immutable.
Remote repository filter source component.
A connector for a remote repository.
A factory to create repository connectors.
The layout for a remote repository whose artifacts/metadata can be addressed via URIs.
A descriptor for a checksum location.
A factory to obtain repository layouts.
Retrieves a repository layout from the installed layout factories.
A factory to create synchronization contexts.
An artifact/metadata transfer.
A transporter for a remote repository.
A factory to create transporters.
Retrieves a transporter from the installed transporter factories.
A skeleton class for listeners used to monitor transport operations.
A transport task.
Component able to provide (trusted) checksums for artifacts.
A writer that is able to write/add trusted checksums to this implementation.