Build Cache Parameters

This document contains various configuration parameters supported by the cache engine.

Command line flags

Parameter Description Usage Scenario to file Location of cache configuration file Cache config is not in default location Cache and associated features disabled/enabled To remove noise from logs when the remote cache is not available Checks and downloads artifacts from the remote cache (overrides <remote enabled=(“true”/“false”)>) To control remote cache access by node, if, say, some nodes lack reliable access Remote cache save allowed or not To designate nodes which allowed to push in remote shared cache Prohibit to override remote cache Prevents cache records from being overridden by subsequent builds Url of the remote cache (overrides ) To override url of remote cache from command line Id of the remote cache server (overrides ) To override id of remote cache server from command line Fail on the first module which cannot be restored from cache Remote cache setup/tuning/troubleshooting<http url> Location of baseline build for comparison Remote cache setup/tuning/troubleshooting Restore artifacts from remote cache lazily Performance optimization Do not restore generated sources and directly attached files Performance optimization<list of plugins> Comma separated list of plugins to always run regardless of cache state. An example: maven-deploy-plugin:*,maven-install-plugin:install Remote cache setup/tuning/troubleshooting Skip looking up artifacts in caches. Does not affect writing artifacts to caches, disables only reading when set to true May be used to trigger a forced rebuild when matching artifacts do exist in caches

Project-level properties

Project-level parameters allowing to override global parameters on the project level. Must be specified as prefixed project properties:

Parameter Description Project specific glob to select sources. Overrides the global glob. Additional inputs

Example :
<>assembly-conf<> Additional exclusion.

Example :
Produce two project exclusions :
<exclude glob="*.md">src/main/resources</exclude> Introspect plugins to find inputs or not. The default value is true. Skip looking up artifacts for a particular project in caches. The default value is false. Restore generated sources and directly attached files. The default value is true.