Normal usage

Once the extension is activated, the cache automatically kicks in on every package or higher phase.

Subtree builds

The build could be invoked on any module in the project and will try to discover the cache by introspecting dependencies. In order to identify which dependencies are cacheable, the cache introspects the following:

  • Project root location passed with -Dmaven.multiModuleProjectDirectory
  • Profiles that activate full graph in the project build. The cache uses this full mode to categorize project modules as cacheable or not:


Disable cache

Disable in config:


On the command line:

When a configuration is disabled by default in the config, it can be enabled via the command line with:

IDE support

Build cache extension is generally compatible with IDEs with one limitation:

  • The cache doesn't restore the entire project state. Compiled classes, unpacked artifacts, and similar ones typically will not be restored in the build directory (aka target). Configure your IDE to not use Maven build (target) directories for compilation and execution. In that case, IDE will provide fast compilation using native caches, and the build cache will supplement that with fast builds.