Performing a Non-interactive Release

In some environments, it may be necessary to perform a non-interactive release. This means that the Release Plugin will obtain the required parameters from system properties (set on the command line) or from a properties file (

To prevent the Release Plugin from prompting the user for any information, Maven should be put into batch mode.

mvn -B release:prepare


mvn --batch-mode release:prepare

Using system properties

Using batch mode with no other configuration will cause the Release Plugin to use default values for the release version, the SCM tag, and the next development version. These values can also be set from the command line.

The SCM tag name can be set using the tag property. And default values for the release version and new development version can be set using the properties releaseVersion and developmentVersion respectively.

mvn --batch-mode -Dtag=my-proj-1.2 release:prepare \
                 -DreleaseVersion=1.2 \

Multi-module releases

Because there is the possibility that a release will include multiple release versions and SNAPSHOT versions (for a multi-module project), there is a specific format for setting these values. The property name should start with project.rel for release versions and for the new development version. These prefixes are followed by the project's groupId and artifactId (separated by a colon). So the result looks something like the following example.

mvn --batch-mode -Dtag=my-proj-1.2 \ release:prepare

Using this convention, multiple release versions and SNAPSHOT versions (one for each project module) can be specified on the command line.

These properties can be used in combination with the releaseVersion and developmentVersion. In the case where both are used, releaseVersion and developmentVersion act as defaults for modules that have not been given specific values using the groupId:artifactId format.

Using a properties file

Another option is to create a properties file that contains the version information for the project you would like to release. The properties file should be called and the release and SNAPSHOT versions follow the same conventions as they do on the command line.


Note: Remember to escape the colon with a backslash, otherwise the property will not be interpreted correctly.