Exclude dependencies from dependency analysis

A project's dependencies can be analyzed as part of the build process by binding the dependency:analyze-only goal to the lifecycle. By default, the analysis will be performed during the verify lifecycle phase.

In rare cases it is possible to have dependencies that are legitimate on the classpath but cause either "Declared but unused" or "Undeclared but used" warnings. The most common case is with jars that contain annotations and the byte code analysis is unable to determine whether a jar is actually required or not.

The plugin can then be configured to ignore dependencies that are "declared but unused", "undeclared but used", and "non-test scoped" in selected list or in all simultaneously.

See the following POM configuration for an example:


              <!-- ignore jsr305 for "used but undeclared", "declared but unused", and "non-test scoped" -->

              <!-- ignore annotations for "used but undeclared" warnings -->

              <!-- ignore annotations for "unused but declared" warnings -->

              <!-- ignore annotations for "non-test scoped" warnings -->

Note that the dependency:analyze-only goal is used in preference to dependency:analyze since it doesn't force a further compilation of the project, but uses the compiled classes produced from the earlier test-compile phase in the lifecycle.

The project's dependencies will then be automatically analyzed during the verify lifecycle phase, which can be executed explicitly as follows:

mvn verify