Creating a Shaded JAR

The goals for the Shade Plugin are bound to the package phase in the build lifecycle.

mvn package

Configuring Your Shade Plugin

          <!-- put your configurations here -->

Resource Transformers

Transformers in org.apache.maven.plugins.shade.resource
ApacheLicenseResourceTransformer Prevents license duplication
ApacheNoticeResourceTransformer Prepares merged NOTICE
AppendingTransformer Adds content to a resource
ComponentsXmlResourceTransformer Aggregates Plexus components.xml
DontIncludeResourceTransformer Prevents inclusion of matching resources
IncludeResourceTransformer Adds files from the project
ManifestResourceTransformer Sets entries in the MANIFEST
ServicesResourceTransformer Merges META-INF/services resources
XmlAppendingTransformer Adds XML content to an XML resource

For more information, see samples.